November 30, 1990 at 05:00 AM EST

Heartbreak Station

Current Status
In Season
Mercury Records, PolyGram
We gave it a B+

Okay, so front man Tom Keifer has an adorable pout, but Cinderella doesn’t rely solely on the members’ good looks. The quartet, which started off as a cute little pop-metal outfit and then went platinum with 1986’s Night Songs, has always given itself the freedom to expand creatively. On Heartbreak Station, its third release, the Cinderella boys have decided to try on countrified blues, and the sound suits them almost as well as their usual spandex and artfully torn jeans. With its twangy guitar and gruff riffing, Heartbreak Station tips its hat to both the Stones and Neil Young. At times, Cinderella seems to love its heroes a bit too much, but it pays homage with so much heartfelt sincerity that it really doesn’t matter. Besides, the comfy ”Shelter Me” and the punch behind ”Make Your Own Way” prove these guys are in touch with their own gritty identity. B+

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