Juan Carlos Coto
November 16, 1990 at 05:00 AM EST

Robin Weisman, the Florida first-grader who is about to become a starlet, has her priorities straight. ”There are five boys I like,” she says, holding up five chubby fingers for emphasis. ”My brother Alex, my dad David, Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg, and Ted Danson. Five boys.”

The last three guys made the list only because they are Weisman’s costars in the upcoming sequel Three Men and a Little Lady. Weisman, of course, plays the little lady. ”She’s not like me. She’s a tomboy,” the young actress says of her character, Mary. ”I’m definitely not a tomboy. I hate boys.”

Weisman, a 6-year-old celeb-in-the-making, also has reservations about being interviewed by pesky journalists. ”Don’t ask me any lines from the movie,” she says. ”I don’t know any lines. The only lines I know are ‘Yes’ and ‘No.”’

Okay. But ask Weisman how she landed the role — with less than a year’s experience in commercials, she was chosen in a nationwide talent search — and the ministar becomes very talkative. ”I got that part over 8,000 girls,” she says. Then she repeats it — twice — holding up eight fingers and throwing out her arms as she says, ”Eight thooowwwsand girls.”

Weisman was vocal on the set, too, often yelling ”cut” or ”print it” before director Emile Ardolino wrapped a scene. In fact, she was so involved the assistant directors made her a T-shirt that read: A.D. IN TRAINING.

But Weisman claims her greatest talent remains to be discovered: hula hooping. As she sets up for another spin — she gets at least 10 revolutions on each try — she notes that hula hooping is ”much easier” than working in front of the camera. It should be. She’s been doing it twice as long.

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