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Minnie 'n Me: Songs Just for Girls

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Minnie 'n Me: Songs Just for Girls

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Christa Larson
Walt Disney Records
Kids and Family

We gave it a C

Minnie ‘n Me is many things. As a promotional vehicle for Minnie Mouse, it is great. As a promotional vehicle for Disney’s line of Minnie Mouse products and its ”new child star,” Christa Larson, it is great. As music, it is?not so great.

Hey, nothing’s perfect. Minnie does so much, I shouldn’t complain if it isn’t up to my standards for children’s recordings. To be fair, there are nice moments in Minnie‘s 12 pop songs. The opening number, ”The Girls on Minnie’s Street,” has a catchy beat. ”Rain, Rain, Rain” contains this wonderful image: ”Sometimes the sky/Needs a good cry/Till the sun comes out and dries its eyes.” As for Larson, the 11-year-old whom Disney has anointed to sing these songs — and in so doing launch the first age-appropriate rock & roll career — she can sing.

It wouldn’t matter if she couldn’t. Minnie races along, from a ”Jump Rope Rap” to a sop to feminism called ”I Wanna Be the Conductor” (an album promoting Disney’s most famous girlfriend had better give lip service to liberation) to a bubblegum-style cover of ”Swinging on a Star.” But it’s so overproduced, everything sounds alike. Pummeled by noisy songs and, nestled among them, squeaky, vapid conversations between Christa and Minnie, you can barely hear the cutesy lyrics or yourself think. If you did, you might conclude that Minnie ‘n Me is the musical equivalent of a Minnie Mouse pocketbook and makeup set. C