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Transitions 2/ Music to Help Baby Sleep

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Transitions 2/Music to Help Baby Sleep

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Dr. Fred Schwartz, Burt Wolff, Joe Wolff
Placenta Music
Kids and Family

We gave it a B-

Transitions 2/Music to Help Baby Sleep puts me to sleep. But, then, everything puts me to sleep — I have an infant in my house. The question is, Will it put the infant to sleep? Will anything?

Transitions 2 will help an infant nod off the same way Lamaze breathing will help a woman get through labor: as a pleasant distraction. In the wonderful world of infant care, everything that really works in putting a baby to sleep (cereal in the bottle, whiskey on the pacifier) is frowned on by experts and will brand you an uncaring parent. So you are left with…womb sounds.

This tape, concocted by an Atlanta anesthesiologist who made a similar recording for critically ill newborns (Transitions I), sounded familiar the first time I heard it: thudding placental pulse, ocean sounds, soft chords in minor keys, eerie chorus of female hums in the background. Was I remembering my life as a fetus?

No, I was remembering my life as a moviegoer. Transitions 2 sounds like a horror-movie soundtrack (Embryo, maybe?). It recalls the theme of Close Encounters of the Third Kind and will remind every mother of that great moment when she first heard her baby’s heartbeat through a stethoscope. So what if it didn’t put my kid to sleep. Nothing’s perfect. B-