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Shows to watch from last season

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Twin Peaks (ABC): The series is being rerun in its original order this summer, so don’t miss the third installment, one of two directed by David Lynch. You probably know the one I mean: With Agent Cooper’s dream sequence? With the dwarf speaking in tongues? And the dead Laura Palmer come to life? Yes, that one. 8/18

Married With Children (Fox): Daughter Kelly agrees to appear in a music video for a hard-rock band, the Gutter Cats. Christina Applegate’s teen sex-bomb has always been the show’s potentially most offensive character, but by going all the way here in a parody of S&M rock-vid scenarios, she turns in her funniest performance. See ”Rock’n Roll Girl,” 7/22

Cheers (NBC): The birth of Frasier and Lilith’s child. These two icy intellectuals have become the show’s best supporting characters, and this episode forces them to show some emotion — a lot of it, in fact. 8/9

Newhart (CBS): The most artful, hilarious final episode in sitcom history: The Darryls speak (one word), everyone except Bob leaves town, and the series’ eight-year run proves to have been a dream in the mind of Dr. Bob Hartley of the old Bob Newhart Show. 9/7

thirtysomething (ABC): Nancy, stricken with ovarian cancer, joins a support group. Excruciating, moving, and occasionally even funny, this episode is a rare example of television unafraid to make you feel uncomfortable. 8/7

The Simpsons (Fox): Wiseacre Bart is the country’s pop-culture hero, sure, but the ”Moaning Lisa” episode gives some well-deserved attention to his broodingly intelligent sister. Depressed over her life (who wouldn’t be with Bart for a brother?), Lisa goes into a surreal funk. P.S. There’s a happy ending. Barely. 8/5

Mystery!: The Return of Sherlock Holmes (PBS): Jeremy Brett as the most neurotic, most entertainingly arrogant Holmes ever. Through 8/23

Designing Women (CBS): Last season the best episodes all seemed to involve Suzanne (Delta Burke) and office assistant Anthony (Meshach Taylor). In this one, Suzanne’s maid, Consuela, must take a citizenship test or be deported; petrified that the Mexican woman will flunk, Suzanne convinces Anthony to impersonate Consuela at the exam. Very weird — and very funny. Later this summer