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Notable books for the week of April 27, 1990

Short reviews on recently released titles

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Notable books for the week of April 27, 1990

* Black Art: Ancestral Legacy

Dallas Museum of Art (Abrams, $45) Lavishly illustrated, this catalog for the current exhibition (in Atlanta as of May 22) demonstrates the survival of African culture in all areas of African-American art. A

* The Book of Cups

Garth Clark (Abbeville Press, paperback, $14.95) An improbable cup of tea — evidence that nearly anything looked at with signi cant ardor can yield surprises. A

* Emily L.

Marguerite Duras (Pantheon, paperback, $7.95) Another entry from the seemingly bottomless drawer of slim Duras manuscripts.

* The Fly on the Wall

Tony Hillerman (Harper, paperback, $4.95) Too much Hillerman, even early Hillerman, is not enough.

* ”I’d Love to Kiss You”: Conversations With Bette Davis

Whitney Stine (Pocket, $19.95) Tart recollections of the divine Miss D., titled after her signature line: ”I’d love to kiss you, but I just washed my hair.” B

* The Map Catalog

Edited by Joel Makower (Vintage, paperback, $16.95) Armed with this source book, you can find a map of Chattanooga’s Civil War battlefields, a nautical chart of San Francisco Bay, a cycling map of England. But can you get from Brooklyn to Queens? Yes. A-

* Nebraska

Ron Hansen (Atlantic Monthly, paperback, $9.95) Eleven stories with a history and geography much larger than Nebraska.

* Peterson Field Guides: Western Birds

Roger Tory Peterson (Houghton Mifflin, $22.95) The bald eagle of ornithologists wings his way westward. A

* Reflections on the Way to the Gallows: Voices of Japanese Rebel Women

Translated and edited by Mikiso Hane (Pantheon, paperback, $12.95) Excerpts from the diaries, essays, and memoirs — some dating back to the mid-1800s — of Japan’s first women activists.

* The Wall Came Tumbling Down: The Berlin Wall and the Fall of Communism

Jerry Bornstein; introduction by Willy Brandt (Arch Cape Press, $12.99) The events of the last year told in pictures and what passes for prose. C-

* Where the Wasteland Ends: Politics and Transcendence in Postindustrial Society

Theodore Roszak (Celestial Arts, paperback, $14.95) A seminal text from the Zeitgeist of the ’60s, this defense of the non-rational has not aged too well. Strictly time-capsule stuff. C-