Ken Tucker
April 13, 1990 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Timothy Daly, who was so heroically good in the wan drama series Almost Grown a season ago, switches effortlessly to a breezy sitcom style here.

He’s the owner of a small commuter airline on Nantucket Island, a sensible fellow saddled with an irresponsible wise-guy brother played by Steven Weber, last seen leering at nurses as Jack Kennedy in The Kennedys of Massachusetts.

Daly is a subdued charmer, Crystal Bernard is beguiling as a lunch-counter owner who flirts with Daly, and the whole thing was overseen by the smart folks who brought you Cheers.

And yet. . .well, there’s just not much chemistry between Daly and Weber; if anything, it’s all too easy to see why Weber’s character gets on Daly’s nerves.

But given the talent involved, it’s reasonable to hope this problem will be worked out, and Daly and Crystal Bernard are already a more charming romantic-comedic duo than Ted Danson and Kirstie Alley. So let’s be charitable and hope NBC sticks with Wings for a while.

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