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Notable books for the week of April 13

Short reviews on recently released titles

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Notable books for the week of April 13

Angels on Toast; The Golden Spur; The Wicked Pavilion Dawn Powell (Vintage, paperback, $8.95 each)
Edmund Wilson praised her often and Gore Vidal says she belongs in the company of Hemingway and Fitzgerald. Well, maybe not. But at the very least she captures a time (the ’30s and ’40s), a place (downtown New York), and a society (freelance strivers) with exceptional ferocity. A-

Art for the London Underground: London Transport Posters 1908 to the Present Oliver Green (Rizzoli, paperback, $29.95)
These splendid transport posters, commissioned from European and American artists over the years as advertisements, transformed the London Underground into a gigantic art gallery.

Famous for 15 Minutes: My Years With Andy Warhol Ultra Violet (Avon, paperback, 8.95)
A lot of detail but also a lot of whining about the evils of the Factory years. C

Florida Ramble; African Madness Alex Shoumatoff (Vintage, paperback, $9.95 each)
Of the new breed of highbrow travel writers, Shoumatoff excels in eccentric observation and unsettling detail.

Intellectuals Paul Johnson (Perennial, paperback, $10.95)
A wild diatribe on the secret sins of smarties. Jean-Jacques Rousseau was a criminally negligent father and that is enough, in Johnson’s view, to discredit his theories about education. The permutations of this method — on Hemingway, Marx, Lillian Hellman, among others — are endless, and endlessly silly. D

Jobs in Paradise: The Definitive Guide to Exotic Jobs Everywhere Jeffrey Maltzman (Perennial, paperback, $10.95)
Lead bike tours down Hawaii’s Haleakala volcano, teach diving in St. Croix, pilot a balloon in the Napa Valley.

Mules and Men Zora Neale Hurston (Perennial, paperback, $8.95)
Hurston’s classic study of black American folklore. A

Murder Times Two Haughton Murphy (Simon & Schuster, $19.95)
The churlish but endearing lawyer-sleuth Reuben Frost makes his fifth appearance, this time as a suspect.

Velocity Kristin McCloy (Washington Square Press, paperback, $7.95)
An erotic, spare first novel about grief and an obsessive affair in a small North Carolina town. A-

The Watch Rick Bass (Washington Square Press, paperback, $6.95)
Sprightly stories about a lot more than fishing, hunting, and dating Mormon girls. A

The Whole Baseball Catalogue: The Ultimate Guide to the Baseball Marketplace Edited by John Thorn and Bob Carroll (Fireside, paperback, $17.95)
A lively and opinionated consumer’s guide to everything baseball, from the best movies, music, and books to backyard batting cages and front-office jobs.