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Jasper White's Cooking From New England

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Jasper White's Cooking From New England

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Jasper White

We gave it a B

Though Jasper White might seem a sedate traditionalist next to Mark Miller, reviewers of his Boston waterfront restaurant, Jasper’s, call him daring, ebullient, trailblazing, imaginative, and nervy. Let’s just say White respects New England’s native American and Yankee traditions, as well as its zestier Italian and Portuguese infusions, but doesn’t hesitate to stir-fry his red flannel hash or even devise a cod-based boiled dinner. No slouch at dazzling dinner guests, he seems as willing to offer a daunting nouvelle-Asian Christmas goose as a more ”traditional” 17-dish Thanksgiving dinner that proceeds through oysters, clams, lobster stew, roast saddle of venison, and homemade sausages — and features a specially fed turkey ”killed three days earlier” in Cooking From New England. B